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Men and women, hidden from history, living in the South West of England recollect their everyday experiences, sharing the past and linking memoryscapes with landscapes.   


How to Navigate


Finding What You Want’ will direct you to several ways of getting to hear what might interest you. The six-tiered menu is like a signpost pointing the way to several related  topics.  Each interview you look up has suggestions of other interviews that share similar subjects so you can form your own ‘sound trail’.  If you are just browsing, then click the icons on the map.


How to add to the collection

We want more stories!  These days, polished media products make the idea of ‘doing it yourself’ inhibiting. The interviews in Harvestories take several forms to show you different stages of what you can do. Extracts give ‘the best bits’. Edits take out the ‘boring bits’. Full interviews offer the recording experience –‘warts and all’.  Please see ’ Adding a Recording’  for guidance.


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